The International and Investigations Desks announce two great moves. : NPR Extra Frank Langfitt has been named NPR's Global Democracy correspondent and Lauren Frayer has been named London correspondent.

The International and Investigations Desks announce two great moves.

In a note to newsroom staff, Didrik Schanche, Chief International Editor, and Bob Little, Senior Investigations Editor, made the following announcement:

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Lauren Frayer//Frank Langfitt

Lauren Frayer and Frank Langfitt

Lauren Frayer//Frank Langfitt

Dear All,

The International and Investigations Desks would like to announce two great moves.

After seven years reporting from London, Frank Langfitt has been named NPR's Global Democracy correspondent and will be working with the Investigations team in DC.

Lauren Frayer has been named London correspondent, after five years reporting from Mumbai.

With this move, Langfitt wraps up more than a dozen years on the international desk, based in Kenya, China and the United Kingdom. Langfitt covered history-making events, including the crushing of the Arab Spring uprising in Bahrain, the rise of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Brexit, the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the war in Ukraine. Frank was one of three NPR correspondents in Ukraine when Russia invaded Feb. 24.

Langfitt also reported on the civil war in Somalia, interviewed pirates and helped track elephants in South Sudan. Frank drove a free taxi in Shanghai – which later became a book— and, as a correspondent in London, traveled across the city for a story on the evolution of the British pub, which won an Edward R. Murrow award in 2022.

Langfitt returns to Washington this spring where he will serve as NPR's Global Democracy correspondent on the Investigations team, covering the threat to democracy at home and abroad. Langfitt will live in Annapolis, with his wife, Julie, a veterinarian. They are looking forward to being closer to their adult children, who now study in the U.S.

For Frayer, she returns to a continent with which she's deeply familiar. Before moving to India for NPR, she spent seven years in Madrid covering some big stories including the European debt crisis and the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean. She also was part of NPR teams covering terror attacks in Paris, London and Brussels. Last year, she was among the first NPR reporters to cross from Poland into Ukraine after Russia's invasion.

From Mumbai, Frayer has covered the rise of Hindu nationalism in India, the aftermath of Sri Lanka's civil war and the power of a 19th century short story to combat racism against Afghan refugees. In 2019, she met the Dalai Lama at his monastery and delved into the sticky geopolitics of who decides his successor. This past year, she covered the 75th anniversary of the subcontinent's Partition, and recently profiled a baby who could push India past China as the world's most populous country.

She's also contributed podcast episodes to Rough Translation, Planet Money, Short Wave and Throughline. And she's finishing up a 5-part series for Rough Translation called The Love Commandos, about love marriage in India – due out later this year.

Her India coverage has been honored with an OPC Award, a Gracie Award and three National Headliner Awards.

Frayer has also done stints at NPR bureaus in Seoul, Islamabad, Istanbul and Jerusalem, and guest-hosted Weekend Edition Sunday. She got her start in journalism at The Associated Press in Washington, Jerusalem, Baghdad and Beirut.

Please join us in congratulating Lauren and Frank on these great moves to new beats.


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