NPR Berlin's Monthly Music Tip: Summer Edition : NPR FM Berlin Blog With only a few days left until summer officially begins, NPR Berlin's Anouschka Pealrman has some warm weather tips for music fans heading out into sunny Berlin.
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NPR Berlin's Monthly Music Tip: Summer Edition

NPR Berlin's Monthly Music Tip: June

Hello. I'm Anouschka Pearlman, 104,1's music reporter, and this is NPR Berlin's Monthly Music Tip! Welcome.

This Saturday, Donna Brown and the Black Pearl Quartet will be performing at the Philharmonie in an AIDS benefit concert.

"We're doing a jazz concert with some of my dearest friends, and it's for a good cause. We're supporting the Berliner AIDS Hilfe, and they are getting some of the proceeds. The headliner is my group, which consists of Darryl Taylor on bass, Fuasi on sax, Kenny Martin on drums, and I play piano and sing. Our guest artists will be Craig Lees. Many of you may know him from many of the piano bars in Berlin. He's a wonderful pianist and singer. We have Tony Hurdle who has his own group called, "Guardians of the Groove." He's a trombone player and an arranger," Brown says.

It's starting to get summery out there, and if you are in Mauerpark on a Sunday and you start to hear all this funk music, like an itch making you want to move, that could very well be a band called "Rupert's Kitchen."

"Rupert's Kitchen" is a funk band based in Berlin and they sing in German.

Updated At 3:50pm: I'd like to mention that some friends of mine have started up a jam session. It's held on Monday nights at 7:30 at Cornenius Eck.