Where Did My Comment Go? : NPR Ombudsman Don't see a comment you posted a few weeks ago? No worries, technical glitches caused by NPR.org's re-launch are being worked out and missing comments will be restored shortly.
NPR logo Where Did My Comment Go?

Where Did My Comment Go?

If you've visited the site today, you've noticed NPR.org's re-design. But since the re-launch last night there have been a few technical bugs, including the disappearance of old comments posted on blogs.

Everything is back to normal on the Ombudsman's column, but visitors may experience glitches as NPR works to solve minor problems throughout the site.

According to this note from NPR's digital media team, the re-design will make it "easier to combine listening and reading, to follow breaking news, to comment on our work and share it, and easier to find programming from your NPR station. Later this summer, we also plan to enhance our support for a variety of popular mobile platforms. Our goal is to make sure that anyone with a mobile device can enjoy NPR and our stations."

If you continue having problems, go to the Contact Us page.

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