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Ombudsman Mailbox: 'No Apologies Needed'

Thank you for the many responses. I'm glad some of you saw the column as L.A. Times reporter Rene Lynch did, who wrote, "Biased reports hurt us all. Thanks for calling it out, and gratitude to the editors and reporter involved for acknowledging it as well. (Hey, we all make mistakes.)"

Others wanted to defend or criticize local economic developers. My focus was on whether the reporters proved their case, but some of you might have views on the subject of the story. One reader from Canada wrote:

I recently read your online follow up piece regarding the economic development story run by Planet Money.

As someone who worked in economic development for 6 years, I actually agreed with many points made in the original piece. ED as an industry needs to undergo some serious changes if it really is going to accomplish what it claims to.

I went into ED idealistic and hoping to change communities and the economy, to serve people and the make our economy stop destroying the environment. I realized 5 years later it wasn't going to happen in the ED field. The truth hurt, after I had dedicated many years to training and the field, but the industry needs to change, not the Planet Money reporter.

I understand the need to make a statement, but I hope NPR never feels the need to apologize to a trade organization again.

— Melissa Scaman, Canada

Updated on June 30, 2011:

We just received this email from Saginaw Futures. It's posted below in its entirety.

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