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Photographer Freya Najade journeys into the weird sci-fi world of Europe's agricultural production. In one cow-milking facility she visited, "two people are needed to milk twice a day 300 cows," she writes. Freya Najade hide caption

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Freya Najade

Selsey was Miss Subways January-March 1964 Courtesy of Fiona Gardner hide caption

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Courtesy of Fiona Gardner

Instagram was the target of a storm of outrage on Twitter and other sites after the company announced a change in its user agreement that hinted that it might use shared photos in ads. Karly Domb Sadof/AP hide caption

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Karly Domb Sadof/AP

The giant sequoia is a snow tree, says scientist Steve Sillett, adapted for long winters in the Sierra Nevada. But it's a fire tree, too. Thick bark protects it from burning in lightning-caused fires, which open cones and clear the understory, allowing saplings to find light and prosper. Michael Nichols/National Geographic hide caption

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Michael Nichols/National Geographic

Giorgio Pasticcerie Italian bakery is owned by a father-and-daughter pair: Giorgio, who moved to Hoboken from Italy, and his daughter, Mary Grace, a first-generation American. John Delaney hide caption

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John Delaney