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After years of feeling shame about their gender identity, Ian Morton says they turned to conceptual self-portraiture as a way to understand pride. Ian Morton for NPR hide caption

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Ian Morton for NPR

"Last summer my mom ran into my girlfriend and me. I was quite worried. Then later that night my mom popped into my room and out of nowhere, told me that she accepts me for who I am, as long as I'm happy and healthy." — Kai Nguyen (queer nonbinary) Kai Nguyen hide caption

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Kai Nguyen

Terence Crowster, who has been an avid reader since he was young, solicited donations to start the Hot-Spot Library in Scottsville, Cape Town, so kids would have a safe place to connect with books. Tommy Trenchard for NPR hide caption

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Tommy Trenchard for NPR

First prize went to this image of a porter in Kolkata. Photographer Tom Price took the image, then created a different backdrop: an empty, unidentified landscape emphasizing the loneliness of the migrant worker. Tom Price/All About Photo Awards hide caption

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Tom Price/All About Photo Awards

Born and raised on the Cheyenne River Reservation, a sovereign Lakota nation in South Dakota, Dawnee LeBeau is Oóhenuŋpa Itázipčo (two kettle and without bows) of the Tetonwan Oyate (people of the plains). After losing her father, she found comfort in doing things she did with him, like identifying plants. LeBeau was doing that with family when she made this image of her niece. Dawnee LeBeau hide caption

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Dawnee LeBeau

"The notes that really strike me are the ones that are talking directly to me or addressed to me," Geloy Concepcion said about the submissions to his project. "These entries are not just confiding ... they are talking directly from one human being to another. Every time I get those, they remind me that behind every note submitted is someone hoping I will read and listen to their sentiment." Geloy Concepcion hide caption

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Geloy Concepcion

Jeanette Rupert smiles as she speaks to the crowd at George Floyd square in front of "Icon of a Revolution," a painting of Floyd by Peyton Scott Russell, in Minneapolis. Rupert grew up in the neighborhood and helped found 612 MASH, a nonprofit that provides medical treatment to people in and around George Floyd Square. Evan Frost/MPR hide caption

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Evan Frost/MPR

Humpback whales, working in teams, circle herring with disorienting curtains of bubbles off Alaska's coast, then shoot up from below with their mouths open. This innovation developed among unrelated groups of humpbacks but is now a widely adopted practice. Brian Skerry/National Geographic hide caption

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Brian Skerry/National Geographic

Photos: The Culture Of Whales

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