Lay Flat : The Picture Show Lay Flat, a publication for contemporary photography, has released its inaugural issue.
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Lay Flat

The first issue of Lay Flat, a publication for contemporary, international photography, is now available for online purchase. Titled Remain in Light, this inaugural collection contains not only imagery but also essays, interviews and other writings on the art of photography.

Nicolai Howalt and Trine Sondergaard -- Kromanns Remise II, 2005

Co-editors Shane Lavalette and Karly Wildenhaus have curated 20 unbound fine-art images from various international photographers. To preview the selected images, check out Flak Photo, a contemporary photography blogzine that will be featuring one Lay Flat image per day from February 11 through February 27.

Debora Mittelstaedt -- Sunset Park, NY, 2005