100 Words: John Sevigny On Hitting The Road : The Picture Show Photographer John Sevigny recounts his experience with Mexicans who set out to emigrate to the U.S. — but end up finding what they are looking for on the road.
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100 Words: John Sevigny On Hitting The Road

Within the great northward flood of immigration are many, many young men who just want to hit the road — the way the beatniks did two generations ago to see what's on the other side of the next hill. ... Saltillo, Mexico, is sort of the last stop on the immigrant trail before travelers have to face the idea of crossing the border, with dangers from rattlesnakes to U.S. Border Patrol agents. Many that I met there said they'd had enough traveling, and were heading back to Honduras. They seem to have found what they were looking for on the road. Most of the guys who felt that way were young... and I had the sense that they had just left their home country looking for adventure.

John Sevigny is a photographer, writer and teacher who lives and works in a nomatic patern of his own, most often bewteen New York and Mexico. The photos in this series were taken at Belen Posada del Migrante, a house for immigrants and the deported. You can learn more about John's work on his blog Gone City.

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