A Book For Foodies And Travelers : The Picture Show This book from National Geographic is a foodie/traveler's coffee-table dream.
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A Book For Foodies And Travelers

Pictures like these are downright cruel and unusual if you're already experiencing the winter doldrums. I heard about this book on The Splendid Table (sorry, NPR!) — in an interview with the editor in chief of National Geographic Traveler magazine. Food Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe is a foodie/traveler's coffee table dream. (Or nightmare, again, if you're stuck in a cold, cloudy city.)

It actually inspired me to look up national dishes from around the globe, and I found this list on Wikipedia. America's national dishes are stuffed turkey, steak and hamburger — surprise! Some other highlights include octopus curry in Mauritius, skoudehkaris in Djibouti (don't act like you've never heard of it) and the ever-polarizing vegemite on toast in Australia.

Have you had any crazy adventures in food and travel? Even if they're not up to the National Geographic standard, upload your photos to our Flickr group pool.

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