Adventures In Photoland With The Biggest Book Ever : The Picture Show A Web site leads to a huge book, which leads to a fantastical world of photography. Rodney Smith's book, titled The End, is just the beginning of a photo adventure.
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Adventures In Photoland With The Biggest Book Ever

I have fallen down the rabbit hole into the world of Rodney Smith and I'm taking you with me.

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It all began when someone told me to check out Smith's Web site — that the photos had this modernized, old-timey classic look. So I visited, and was greeted by an advertisement for Smith's new book.

Impressed by the photographs, and intrigued by what was touted as "The Hat Book," "The Book of Books," I asked to borrow a review copy, in no way expecting what came in the mail.

It may not literally be the biggest book ever, but the thing is monolithic and has a price tag of more than $700. It almost broke the mailman's back. And the cover declares, in neat but ominous lettering, "The End."
That's the book's title.

The design, graphics and layout alone could be considered art, and the text is hilarious. In any case, I wanted to be fair and treat this book like every other, by giving it a thorough review. Which meant toting it around during my daily routine, perusing it at every spare moment.

Now I know you're dying to see the photos, so without much further ado, I will show them to you.

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