100 Words: Ken Lamug On Transient Las Vegas : The Picture Show Photographer Ken Lamung writes about Las Vegas, photography and change.
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100 Words: Ken Lamug On Transient Las Vegas

In a transient city such as Las Vegas, one thing is for sure: things change. If you've lived here most of your life, you know that Las Vegas is known for imploding the old, making way for the new. In many ways, this has affected how I view the city and how I try to capture its essence in my photographs. I walk endless hours down the Strip and in many of the "abandoned" areas of the city to capture moments, scenes, and invisible characters. I hope that one day, even if the city has once again transformed itself, that my images will remind us of who we once were.

Kenneth Kit Lamug, born in Manila, Philippines, is a photographer based in Las Vegas. He taught himself photography starting with a simple digital point and shoot and transitioned his way to film cameras. You can see more of his photography on his Web site.

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