100 Words: Steve Goff On Flowers And Photos : The Picture Show Steve Goff discusses his love of photography and gardening, and how he combines the two.
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100 Words: Steve Goff On Flowers And Photos

I am a gardener - pure and simple. Almost everything about my garden delights me, and that is why I am so intrigued with this body of work that I have explored for more than a decade. I am striving to convey my experience of the garden that is rich with a luminous light, an earthy smell, a vast range of delicate sounds, and an absolute sense of serenity. The soft dreamy mood in these images invites the viewer to drift with me into serene, spiritual places surrounded by the magic and beauty of nature.

Steve Goff is a Professor and Chair of Photography, Art and Mass Communication at Odessa College. He has been awarded the Aid to Individual Artist Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council and the Fellowship Award in Photography, from the Mid-America Arts Alliance/National Endowment for the Arts. He is on the Board of Directors of the Texas Photographic Society. These photographs are all Type-C prints made with the Diana camera.

"100 Words" is a series in which photographers describe their work—in their words. What makes them tick? What makes a great photo? Film or digital? Positive or negative? Find out here. Curated by Graham Letorney

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