The Many Faces Of Hunger : The Picture Show For the past five years, photographer Michael Nye has been consumed with the issue of hunger. His series is now on display in San Antonio.

The Many Faces Of Hunger

Although public figures like Michelle Obama are striving to increase awareness about obesity in America, we rarely think about the issue of hunger, which also plagues our backyard.

For the past five years, photographer Michael Nye has been consumed with this issue. His exhibition "About Hunger and Resilience" includes images and audio of 50 people from across the country — either recalling or currently feeling the pangs of real hunger. The exhibition is currently on display at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, and will tour other locations throughout the South. To learn more about Nye's campaign against hunger, see this profile by independent producer Mary Beth Kirchner.

The Picture Show did a brief Q&A with the photographer.

Picture Show: Have you always been a photographer?

Michael Nye: I practiced law for 10 years before pursuing photography full time. ... My transition from law to photography was gradual. I remember seeing a photography exhibit in Houston, Texas, while I was in law school — photography of Imogen Cunningham and Paul Strand. I walked away very curious and excited about what I saw and felt. This excitement has never subsided. I am self-taught using Ansel Adams' technical books as a guide. ... I took a one-year sabbatical that turned out to be permanent.