So You Think Your Summer Camp Was Cool? : The Picture Show Wait until you see what National Geographic campers get to do.
NPR logo So You Think Your Summer Camp Was Cool?

So You Think Your Summer Camp Was Cool?

I've always felt that I had an inferior childhood because my parents never sent me to summer camp. Well, that's not entirely true. I did attend "Camp Wildwood," a day camp of arts, crafts and sunburns at our neighborhood pool. I also did things like "Young Scholars" which, trust me, did not furnish the socially formative, eye-opening experience that summer camp does. But even campgoers will feel like they missed out in light of what National Geographic has to offer. More than a camp, its summer program is an expedition.

The students, all in high school, basically get to travel the world taking photographs with National Geographic photographers, writers and researchers. Really roughing it. I don't even want to think about the price tag, but as far as formative experiences go, I'm sure this blows "Young Scholars" out of the water. Here's a selection of photographs taken by students last summer. Who knows, maybe the next Steve McCurry is somewhere in this gallery.

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