On Assignment: "Shooting" Special Forces : The Picture Show U.S. Green Berets in Kandahar are working with Afghan special forces to improve security for locals. It is a constructive collaboration but a difficult thing to photograph. Special forces cannot give names or show their faces.
NPR logo On Assignment: "Shooting" Special Forces

On Assignment: "Shooting" Special Forces

NPR photographer David Gilkey is back in Afghanistan and just completed what seems like a pretty tough photo assignment — not because of violence or physical exertion, but because of who he was photographing.

Green Berets, the U.S. Army's Special Forces, have recently teamed up with the Afghan army's first-ever special forces team in a grass-roots effort to secure the Kandahar region. Village by village, the soldiers are encouraging Afghan civilians to resist Taliban intimidation with armed community watch groups. But the biggest challenge is still communication.

The Afghan-American military cooperation is a fascinating turn of events, but a tough one to photograph; special forces soldiers can't give their names or show their faces.

This is what Gilkey sent back.

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