Rotating Skyscrapers And Other Neat Stuff : The Picture Show A wind-powered rotating building? It's one of many things in a new book from National Geographic.
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Rotating Skyscrapers And Other Neat Stuff

Although it's only a proposed project, these "dynamic" buildings, designed by architect David Fisher, are insane.


This building, designed for Dubai, is a 250-apartment building of 80 individually rotating floors. If built, it will effectively be the world's first rotating skyscraper, completely self-powered by wind.

Architect David Fisher has designed a 200-apartment building in Dubai where each of the 80 floors rotates individually, taking in the views of the city in a one-hour orbit. hide caption

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Fisher's architecture is featured in a new book titled Nat Geo Amazing!, a companion to the new TV series. It's a collection of 100, you guessed it, amazing things found around the world. And, despite the title, the photos are pretty cool.

To capture surfers riding the barrel, fellow surfer and photographer Scott Aichner dons a pair of snorkeling fins and then waits, treading water, holding his camera, and hoping for the perfect shot. Scott Aichner hide caption

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Scott Aichner

A beekeeper in Vincennes, Ind., circa 1920, let a swarm of the insects cover his face to demonstrate the peaceful nature of honeybees. Hans Hildenbrand hide caption

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Hans Hildenbrand