A Photo A Day, Every Day... Forever? : The Picture Show A few long-term photo projects are taking time-lapse to the extreme.
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A Photo A Day, Every Day... Forever?

At this point I've seen a few examples of this take-a-self-portrait-every-day-for-a-really-long-time type thing. There's this guy, who used only Polaroids for 10 years, from 1999 to 2009 (good thing he stopped when he did).

This guy's rendition is interesting, too, because he keeps his face in the same relative position as the background changes — with the occasional appearance of, say, a peeking head or an Andreas Gursky poster.

But this guy is taking time-lapse to the extreme. He started in 1998 and plans to continue the project until he dies. What differentiates his project is the blank background and his uniform position, so you can really watch the transformation. Oddly enough, if you do watch the entire thing, which I may or may not have done, you won't really remember how he looked at the beginning. Imagine watching decades of these photos flash by!

Lastly, as a somewhat tangetial addendum, let it also be noted that the best part about this project can be found on the FAQ page. Allow me to just quote a bit:

- do you have nothing better to do?
- have u got many spare time ?
- U were boring, right?

No, I don't have anything better to do. No, I am not bored. The amount of time I devote to this project is minimal, to be honest. 1 minute a day to snap the day's photo, and 30 minutes every 10-12 days to get the photos from the camera to the site.

- Need a hair cut , maybee !!!

I'm sure my hair will start fading soon. At least I still have options.

- are you serious?
- Are you crazy????
- are you weird or just really funny?

Uh...I cannot respond to this.

Do you have a time-lapse project? Are you weird or just really funny? Share it with us!