100 Words: Roderik Henderson On Waiting : The Picture Show What's so special about people sitting in cars? An award-winning photographer explains his series.

100 Words: Roderik Henderson On Waiting

I lived in a car for a while in the desert. And in Canada, I lived in a hut in the wilderness of British Columbia with my family, far away from just about everything. To get to town in the winter, we had to drive 3 hours one way through blizzards... just to get groceries. That's when I started to photograph other people in cars. The waiting as an inactivity interests me — being trapped in this vacuum somewhere between departure and destination. Not much to do, except waiting for time to pass.

Roderik Henderson is a photographer and filmmaker who has spent much of his career living and traveling in remote areas of the American Southwest and British Columbia, Canada. His series "Transvoid" recently won 1st prize in the World Press Photo contest. You can see more on his website.

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