Is This The Future Of Food Magazines? : The Picture Show A photographer has combined video and typeface to demonstrate how magazines should present content on tablet technology.
NPR logo Is This The Future Of Food Magazines?

Is This The Future Of Food Magazines?

Photographer William Hereford has done something that seems obvious. But it's actually pretty novel -- and I can see magazines heading exactly in this direction. He has combined video with typeface to create the perfect vignette for a tablet technology. Just watch.

"My hope," he writes on his blog, "is to develop this video to work with tablet computers so that you could "swipe" between the vignettes instead of them playing with a rigid sequence from start to end. ... I like the idea of creating a moving image which runs on a loop or is shot over a long period of time so the media can be consumed and studied in ways a traditional film cannot."

It will be interesting to see what comes of this idea!