Have A Heart: A Toddler's Transplant Story : The Picture Show In an ongoing showcase of finalists in Vimeo's video contest, today's spotlight is on Penny's HEART — a moving account of a little girl, life's fragility, and parents' love.
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Have A Heart: A Toddler's Transplant Story

in collaboration with Vimeo Festival + Awards

Each day this week, we've been sharing one of the five documentary finalists in Vimeo's first-annual video contest, along with commentary from the program directors and judges. Today's featured finalist is Penny's HEART by Eliot Rausch, Lukas Korver and Matt Taylor of Phos Pictures, the same team behind the heartbreaking Last Minutes with ODEN, which we showed on Monday. These guys really know how to pull on our heartstrings. The film introduces us to an adorable little girl named Penny with congestive heart failure. It chronicles her parents' struggle as they wait for a donor to save Penny's life.

One of the three judges for the documentary category is Morgan Spurlock, of Super Size Me fame. This is what he has to say about Penny's HEART:

I turned over my license and signed the organ donor line the minute this movie ended. Hopefully you'll do the same.

I was incredibly moved by this film; any parent will be. It just reminds us how fragile life can be, how unpredictable the future is, and most of all, that you should never lose hope.

Advisory: This video contains a somewhat graphic scene of medical operations.

This coming weekend, the Vimeo Festival and Awards will take place in New York City. A panel of 27 judges — including Vincent Laforet, M.I.A. and David Lynch — has narrowed over 6,500 submissions down to five finalists in each of nine categories, such as "narrative" and "experimental." Winners will be announced Oct. 9. There will also be one overall winner, who will receive a $25,000 grant to make a new film.

Who do you think should win? Check back for more videos and commentary.