Friday Eye Candy From National Geographic : The Picture Show A newly released book of photos from the the National Geographic Image Collection is simply titled Simply Beautiful.
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Friday Eye Candy From National Geographic

Pardon the cliche, but this is yet another example of photos being worth more than words. National Geographic just released a new book of photos culled from their Image Collection, simply titled Simply Beautiful. The book corresponds with the exhibition currently on display at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C.

National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths did most of book's curating and editing, and will be giving a presentation at the headquarters next Tuesday. As the news release states, the collection "makes one ponder what creates beauty in a photograph, and illustrates how photographers can compose an image that provides visual proof that there is beauty, often overlooked, in nearly everything."

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Update: Photos from the book will also be on display at New York City's Steven Kasher Gallery through Nov. 23.