Playing With The Moon : The Picture Show Moon balloons and "croissant" moons for breakfast. French astrophotographer Laurent Laveder has devised a clever way to interact with a popular subject of his photography.

Playing With The Moon

Laurent Laveder's day job — wait, actually — I guess it's a night job. Hm. Laurent Laveder's primary occupation is as a landscape astrophotographer and astronomy journalist. His photographs have appeared on NASA sites and international astronomy magazines, and he is part of an international collective of astronomy photographers called The World At Night. But his pet project, "Moon Games," has recently been published as a small book in France.

The charm of the captions is somewhat lost in translation, but they are playful like a children's book; the whole thing actually reminds me of The Little Prince, who lived on an asteroid moon.

Aside from this playful project, Laveder does some other really interesting stuff. Like these 3-D "starscapes." (You'll need 3-D glasses, but it really does work!) You can see more of his photography on his website.