100 Words: Bonnie Briant On A Deviated Reality : The Picture Show Photographer and designer Bonnie Briant shares a few thoughts on images, memory and reality.

100 Words: Bonnie Briant On A Deviated Reality

I have much explaining to do.

Maybe it is because my memory is so bad or maybe it is my pathological need to collect everything I can. I take pictures to explore the way I remember, to record more than just what was in front of the camera, but the way it felt then and the way it still makes us feel.

The photographs deviate from their realities, in the way only memories can; sometimes blurry, sometimes dark, sometimes heartbreakingly unbiased. The images are a record of what has past, the way the light felt, an afternoon, a room, or a face I might not see for a while, because in the end it does not matter what actually happened, only what I remembered.

Bonnie Briant is a photographer and designer based out of New York City. She is currently working as an assistant to designer Yolanda Cuomo. More of her photographs and drawings can be found on her website.

"100 Words" is a series in which photographers describe their work, in their own words. Curated by Graham Letorney