Photographing Every Rest Stop In America : The Picture Show Photographer Lizzy Oppenheimer has misty watercolor memories of ... rest stops. And wants to photograph each one in America.

Photographing Every Rest Stop In America

For me, rest stops conjure up feelings of motion sickness and memories of my brother's favorite, but sickly, childhood snack food, Combos. But photographer Lizzy Oppenheimer has more misty watercolor memories. "I treasured my experiences at rest stops due to not only the relief they provided but more so because of the individual charm of each rest stop," she writes on her website.

Oppenheimer's project began in 2009, and her aim is to photograph every single rest area in America, "just before their closure due to budget cuts," she writes. That's a tall order, hence her appeal for help on Kickstarter.

To Oppenheimer's credit, rest stops have an interesting architectural history — and her aim is to preserve it. According to (it exists!), "safety rest areas functioned to create a context of place within the Interstate System; achieved through the implementation of unique and whimsical design elements and the use of regionally signifying characteristics," e.g., teepee picnic shelters in Texas.

They're sort of the limbo of travel — neither here nor there. But it's safe to say that most Americans have been to many rest stops throughout life, and probably have stories. What are yours?