Postman's Photos Prove Canine Cliche : The Picture Show Ryan Bradford documents the dogs he encounters on his mail delivery route.
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Postman's Photos Prove Canine Cliche

Ryan Bradford got an English degree from the University of Utah. But plans for a career in media weren't panning out and unpaid internships were, well, unpaid. So he took the first job offer he got — as a transitional employee with the U.S. Postal Service.

One of the first interview questions asked was whether he was afraid of dogs. Bradford grew up with dogs so he told the interviewer no. "It seemed like a pretty silly interview question," he wrote in an email.

But a few months of letter-carrying changed that. Bradford took a disposable camera with him to document his canine encounters and then posted the photos to his blog.

"Dogs become frightening once you put the uniform on," said Bradford. "I can't put my finger on it. I'm convinced that the thin pinstripes of our shirts reveal a MagicEye message that only dogs can see, and that message is: BITE ME."

We found the photos to be charming and worth sharing.