Photographer Irina Werning Wins Grant To Continue Series : The Picture Show The photographer of the Internet sensation "Back to the Future" wins a grant; see some of her lesser-known work.

'Back To The Future' Photographer Shows Another Side Of Argentina

You've probably seen Irina Werning's "Back to the Future" series by now — in fact, we went behind the scenes with her last Friday. News came over the weekend that she is this year's recipient of Burn magazine's emerging photographer fund. Some photos by Werning that you may not have seen are these quiet black-and-white scenes of rural schools in the Andes Mountains of her native Argentina.

Werning writes on her site:

The boys and girls that attend them are isolated in their communities and cut off from the urban civilization of an otherwise fast-paced developing country. ... For some, emigration to the cities is a future option but for many, their future is tied to their land, their families and their ancestral routes. A few very powerful routines dominate the daily existence of these students aside from working the land with their parents every day after school. Football for boys and long hair for girls function as status symbols replacing those consuming goods and articles that dominate teenage life in the cities of the globalized world.

Werning will receive $15,000 from Burn magazine through the Magnum Cultural Foundation to continue her "Back to the Future" project.