Shoot Now, Focus Later: A New Photographic Marvel : The Picture Show A new camera will allow photographers to focus images after taking them.

Shoot Now, Focus Later: A New Photographic Marvel

The New York Times has a story about the newest innovation in photography; it has been floating around the Web and we couldn't just ignore it. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future:

Lytro, a Silicon Valley start-up headed by Ren Ng, 31, has developed a camera that, in its words, "turns light into living pictures." The language of the science is somewhat complicated, involving "light field sensors" and "sophisticated algorithms." In short, this camera will process the various sources of light and information that a traditional sensor flattens. It will also require special software to edit and view the images. But still, pretty neat. Can't wait to find out how much one of these things will cost.

Just when you think it can't get any easier than point and shoot. If only we could get our hands on one to experiment (hint hint) ...