Shuttle Memories: Submit Your Photos : The Picture Show Share your personal memories of NASA's Space Shuttle Program.
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Shuttle Memories: Submit Your Photos

With the final mission of NASA's Space Shuttle Program scheduled to blast off with the July 8 launch of space shuttle Atlantis, we thought it might be nice to collect and share some of your personal memories about the program.

Spectators watch from the Rotary Riverfront Park pier as Space Shuttle Endeavour launches from Kennedy Space Center Aug. 8, 2007. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images hide caption

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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Do you remember how you felt watching your very first launch? Did attending shuttle launches become a family tradition? Where were you when space shuttle Challenger exploded? Did you or somebody you know work for the program? And do you have photos?

If so, we'd love to see them and hear your story!

Upload your photos here.

Onlookers crowd around their cars in the NASA causeway as they watch the US Space Shuttle Atlantis blast off into orbit from launch pad 39-B at Kennedy Space Center in the early morning hours of July 12 2001. Brian Cleary/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Brian Cleary/AFP/Getty Images