100 Words: On Photographing My Grandmother : The Picture Show Teenager Jost Franko discovered his love for photography while documenting his grandmother.
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100 Words: On Photographing My Grandmother

The Widow, a story about my grandmother was shot when I was 16. I stayed at her house almost every day during a couple of months with an old manual camera hanging around my neck and pockets full of film.

When I captured the first photograph (in the series), I instantly knew this was the red line of the whole reportage. With her late husband on her mind and caring for her offspring, it is intimate. A bit too intimate to ever show it to someone else, I thought at first. It was all shot on film and processed on my own and I "found" my style, by shooting on film, with this particular piece of work and I found my life's purpose, in photography.

Jost Franko is a young documentary photographer born in 1993 in Slovenia. In 2011, he won first place at Slovenia Press Photo in the nature and environment category and first place in the people category. He is presently a student in high school in Ljubljana; more of his work can be found on his website.

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