100 Words: Seeking Distant Relations : The Picture Show Can you trace your family back 100 years? Lori Grinker explores her family's diaspora through photos.
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100 Words: Seeking Distant Relations

"Distant Relations" portrays the dispersal of my family from Lithuania throughout the world. Photographs specific to each place portray my search to understand and represent both my identity and the journey taken by my family.

War, oppression, the search for better opportunities and more freedom are among the reasons families disperse every day. "Distant Relations" is about how, more than a century later, this family has reconnected, and forged links between present and past.

My path has been determined by my curiosity. These photographs are places I am looking in on, representing what could have been; together, they offer an impressionistic map, illustrating the displacement that is intrinsic to diaspora.

Lori Grinker is a photographer and teacher based in New York City. Her work has earned her a World Press Photo Foundation Prize, a W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund fellowship, and the Ernst Hass Grant, among others. More of Lori's work can be found on her website or on Kickstarter.

100 Words is a series in which photographers describe their work, in their own words. Curated by Graham Letorney