Litter Soup, Anyone? : The Picture Show Don't be misled by the title of Mandy Barker's photo series. This "Soup" is not the kind you'd want to eat.
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Litter Soup, Anyone?

Despite the name of Mandy Barker's photo series, this is not something you'd want to eat. "Soup," she writes, "is a description given to plastic debris suspended in the sea, and with particular reference to the mass accumulation that exists in an area of the north Pacific Ocean known as the Garbage Patch."

The "Pacific Garbage Patch" is essentially a mass of litter pushed out to sea by swirling currents. In case you missed it, last week we looked at Chris Jordan's photos that show how soda caps are killing birds — i.e., how albatrosses are mistaking that litter as food.

Barker says it was one of the things that inspired her. To make "Soup," her series and book, she gathered beached litter and arranged it in tidy displays.

Barker's book was recently a first runner-up in the student category of Photography Book Now's joint contest with Blurb.