Dear Photograph: New-Age Nostalgia : The Picture Show A website invites readers to submit photos of photos — images from the past, set in the present.

Dear Photograph: New-Age Nostalgia

Dear Photograph: New-Age Nostalgia

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You may have heard of Dear Photograph, a website that invites readers to submit photos of photos — images from the past, set in the present. Over the past year, the website received thousands of submissions. In fact, enough for a book, also called Dear Photograph, which was released earlier this month.

By NPR's Susan Stamberg

NPR's Susan Stamberg submits to "Dear Photograph" with an image of her son.
Susan Stamberg

Dear Photograph,

When our son, Josh, was little, he loved to go to a nearby barn in Washington, D.C., and watch the horses. At first, he was a bit fearful. But over time, he learned how to pat their noses and feed them apples. This picture was taken when he was 2 1/2 years old. Now his 4-year-old daughter loves patting horses out in California. Must be genetic. Josh grew up to be an actor, but has not yet made a Western!


Taylor Jones, 22, is the man behind the project. He came up with the idea last year while sitting at his parents' kitchen table. While flipping though a family photo album, he stumbled across a picture of his younger brother, Landon.

"It was his third birthday," Jones says. "He had a Winnie the Pooh cake, and I was sitting in the same spot my mom was when she took the original photo." Landon was also sitting in his same birthday seat.

So, Jones held up the old picture — taking care to line up kitchen cupboards just so — and snapped a photo. He posted it on his blog, and the rest, he says, is history.

"I'm a new-age nostalgic guy, I guess you could say," he says.

You can submit your photograph on Jones' blog.