In Photos: 'The New Yorker' Does Science Fiction : The Picture Show If you need high-production science-y (i.e. nerdy) photographs for something, Dan Winters is your man.
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In Photos: 'The New Yorker' Does Science Fiction

Whether or not you realize it, you see Dan Winters' photos all the time: Brad Pitt on the cover of Wired magazine, Elijah Wood on Esquire, etc. About three years ago, he released a book of magazine work, of which he is a prolific producer. But he's also really into honeybees, aerospace, citrus and, well, everything.

It's completely appropriate that his photos would illustrate The New Yorker's first-ever science fiction issue, which was out at the beginning of June.

The magazine commissioned Winters to shoot the whole issue, six photos in all. And, in typical fashion, to accompany stories about the future, Winters goes back in time with a large-format film camera.

On the topic of science fiction, Winters knows what's what. "My favorites movies are sci-fi movies," he says on the phone. Even these photos are full of references — both oblique ones to Blade Runner and the very obvious wink at Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.

Actually, Winters himself makes a cameo in the magazine. That's his eye being pried open by a speculum. That part, he says, didn't hurt. "But my cornea really dried out," and the pain came later that day.

That's commitment.

You can see a video trailer for the magazine, also shot by Winters, or read more on the Photo Booth blog.