Dutch Flower Fields Seen From Above : The Picture Show Does curated satellite imagery count as photography?

Dutch Flower Fields Seen From Above

I'm not even going to try to tie this into the news or make it seem at all relevant, because to be perfectly honest, it's perfectly random. But look! It's neat! Pleasantly geometric Dutch tulip fields seen from a bird's-eye view.

"These fields have already been endlessly photographed," says London-based artist Mishka Henner, "but these satellite images offer a new perspective on a well-established visual cliche."

The series was created in response to American artist David Horvitz, who asked various artists to submit work on the theme of flowers. He then created a digital, printable bouquet (still available for download here).

Henner's tulip series falls in line with his general style of work. He scours satellite imagery and Google Street View to curate series like this one. Another project, "No Man's Land," is a fascinating collection of what appear to be sex workers captured by Google Street View.

Henner is not the only person defying the traditional definition of photographer; Jon Rafman of 9-eyes.com is also known for his curated Google Street View images.

What do you think? Does this count as photography?

(Hat tip: Flavorwire)