Interactive, 360 Degrees Of Mars! : The Picture Show A self-described "panographer" stitches together NASA's photos to create an engaging view of the red planet.
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Interactive, 360 Degrees Of Mars!

On, Andrew Bodrov describes himself as a panographer, not a photographer. In fact, he didn't even take the photos in this panorama; the Mars rover Curiosity did. Bodrov stitched NASA's images together to create this amazing, 360-degree interactive image of the red planet.

Editor's Note Aug. 14, 2012

Earlier today, we published a panorama that purported to be stitched together from images taken by the NASA Mars rover Curiosity. Since that time, we have learned that the author of the panorama has said he used Adobe Photoshop to add a sun to the sky. According to Talking Points Memo, Andrew Bodrov used images from a 2005 Mars rover to approximate the size and appearance of the sun. Below is the interactive as it originally appeared.