Finding Comfort In Portraits Of Bostonians : The Picture Show Brandon Stanton's portrait project Humans of Boston provides levity and hope during a time of tragedy.

Finding Comfort In Portraits Of Bostonians

Brandon Stanton decided to travel to Boston on Tuesday after one of his Facebook followers suggested he take his signature portrait-plus-anecdote style to the community coping with tragedy.

"I didn't come to depict a city in crisis," he said over the phone, "but to depict the vast majority of the city that is ... getting back on its feet and getting back to normal."

Stanton, 29, is the founder of Humans of New York, a photography project documenting the life of everyday people in New York City. He has dubbed this week "Humans of Boston."

"I found that photographing in Boston is a lot like New York," said Stanton. "There is obviously grief, but also a lot of warmth and even laughter."

And Stanton found humor in the Bostonians he photographed, like the dad who revealed that his son is particularly good at lying to his mom, and the group of kids hanging out on the playground.

These images feel like any other day in Boston, and that's what HONY/HOB provides — a bit of levity and a bit of hope at a time when we need it most.