Bill Jefferson Joins A Select Group : It's All Politics Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana lost his bid for re-election on Saturday, only the third African-American member of the House to lose in a general election in history. In addition, 13 other black incumbents have been defeated in primaries. W...

Bill Jefferson Joins A Select Group

There have been 94 African-Americans elected to the House since Reconstruction. On Saturday, Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) became just the third to be defeated in a general election.

Of the three, Jefferson is the first Democrat. The others:

Oscar De Priest (R-IL)
first elected: 1928
defeated by: Arthur Mitchell (D) in 1934

Gary Franks (R-CT)
first elected: 1990
defeated by: Jim Maloney (D) in 1996

In addition, 13 others were defeated in the Democratic primary, including one who was beaten on two separate occasions. They were:

Adam Clayton Powell (NY)
first elected: 1944
defeated by: Charles Rangel in 1970 primary

Robert Nix (PA)
first elected: 1958
defeated by: William Gray III in 1978 primary

Bennett Stewart (IL)
first elected: 1978
defeated by: Harold Washington in 1980 primary

Katie Hall (IN)
first elected: 1982
defeated by: Peter Visclosky in 1984 primary

Alton Waldon (NY)
first elected: 1986
defeated by: Floyd Flake in 1986 primary

Gus Savage (IL)
first elected: 1980
defeated by: Mel Reynolds in 1992 primary

Charles Hayes (IL)
first elected: 1983
defeated by: Bobby Rush in 1992 primary

Craig Washington (TX)
first elected: 1989
defeated by: Sheila Jackson-Lee in 1994 primary

Lucien Blackwell (PA)
first elected: 1990
defeated by: Chaka Fattah in 1994 primary

Barbara-Rose Collins (MI)
first elected: 1990
defeated by: Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick in 1996 primary

Earl Hilliard (AL)
first elected: 1992
defeated by: Artur Davis in 2002 primary

Cynthia McKinney (GA)
first elected: 1992
defeated by: Denise Majette in 2002 primary
elected again: 2004
defeated by: Hank Johnson in 2006 primary

Albert Wynn (MD)
first elected: 1992
defeated by: Donna Edwards in 2008 primary