And The Nixon Bumper Sticker Goes To ... : It's All Politics We have a winner to our be-the-first-to-predict-the-next-Supreme-Court-nominee-and-you-get-a-Nixon-bumper-sticker contest!
NPR logo And The Nixon Bumper Sticker Goes To ...

And The Nixon Bumper Sticker Goes To ...

Back on May 1, following the announcement that David Souter would leave the Supreme Court, we offered the contest of a lifetime:

The first person to correctly guess who President Obama would name to the court wins a genuine "Nixon's the One" bumper sticker from 1968.

Well, this morning, Obama chose federal appeals court Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

And the first person who predicted that was ... Maura Spiegelman of Silver Spring, Md. Maura wins the bumper sticker — and her name in lights!


Strange-But-True Dept.: Maura is also a past ScuttleButton puzzle winner!