No Minnesota Senate Decision Today : It's All Politics Nothing today, or this week probably, on Minnesota Senate.

No Minnesota Senate Decision Today

Thursday is the day when the Minnesota state Supreme Court usually releases its decisions. Well, its rulings came and went this morning, and there's nothing to report regarding the still unresolved Senate race between Norm Coleman (R) and Al Franken (D).

Franken, as you all know, leads Coleman, the former incumbent, by 312 votes. A three-judge panel has turned down Coleman's challenges, and the Republican took his case to the entire state court.

A rumor last week that a decision was imminent got everyone -- including most of us at Political Junkie -- quite excited. But alas, nothing came of it.

Doesn't look like it will happen this week either.

Elizabeth Stawicki, a reporter for Minnesota Public Radio who follows this closer than anyone, says that the court usually lets the attorneys on both sides know in advance when a decision is coming, and had that been the case this week, "the campaigns would have been going nuts on this. I suspect that if a decision was about to come down, it would have already been leaked by at least one of the campaigns."