Obama Trashes Jimmy Carter! : It's All Politics Did President Obama dis Jimmy Carter during yesterday's ceremony honoring Ronald Reagan?
NPR logo Obama Trashes Jimmy Carter!

Obama Trashes Jimmy Carter!

Or at least that's how it appeared to Gus Sperrazza of Washington, D.C.:

Wow, how do you think Jimmy Carter took Obama's comments about Ronald Reagan — that Reagan "restored a sense of optimism ... that the American people sorely needed....during a difficult period"?

Wow is right.

Yesterday at the White House, President Obama, with former first lady Nancy Reagan at his side, announced the creation of a commission that will honor Ronald Reagan on Feb. 6, 2011, which would have been the late president's 100th birthday. Signing the bill, Obama said, "President Reagan helped as much as any president to restore a sense of optimism in our country. ... It was this optimism that the American people sorely needed during a difficult period — a period of economic and global challenges that tested us in unprecedented ways."

Hmm. If Reagan brought in a "sense of optimism" during a "difficult period," does that mean the bad times were the fault of his predecessor, the Hon. James Earl Carter? That's a delicious question that I'm sure will be discussed.

Reminds me of what George Bush said at the 1988 Republican convention, that he would offer a "kinder and gentler" path. Kinder and gentler than whom? His predecessor, Ronald Reagan?

Love to hear what you think.