Last ScuttleButton Winner For Awhile (Boo Hoo!) : It's All Politics We have a new ScuttleButton winner — the last one, sadly, for awhile.
NPR logo Last ScuttleButton Winner For Awhile (Boo Hoo!)

Last ScuttleButton Winner For Awhile (Boo Hoo!)

Until we get the kinks out of the new system — with apologies to Ray Davies — there won't be a new ScuttleButton puzzle for at least a couple of weeks. (Read all about it here.)

Lots of supportive tweets on Twitter. Ali Diercks of Bloomington, Ind., calls it a "horrible grievous tragedy." Kris ("Blue Tabbies") writes, "As a consumer, I am outraged." Brian D. Francis of Tehran sums it up best: "The terrorists win."

I'm grieving too. But we still have a new winner to crown for solving last week's puzzle — which was:

Member Babe Ruth Baseball Club — Say, did I ever tell you I'm a Yankees fan?

Surf Sex Sin Sharks / PRAY for Rain Snow — A lot of readers loved this button and wanted to know its history. I have no idea. Does surf lead to sex, which leads to sin, which leads to sharks? And thus we need to pray for rain and snow? Yikes.

Toy for Governor — Harry Toy lost the Republican nomination for governor of Michigan in 1938.

Lan ... because it's a tough job — Donald Lan, the New Jersey secretary of state appointed by Gov. Brendan Byrne, sought to succeed Byrne in 1981, but he withdrew from the race prior to the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

So, when you add Babe + Sin + Toy + Lan, you kinda get ...

Babes in Toyland — which is either a Victor Herbert operetta, a 1961 movie starring Annette Funicello (a ScuttleButton puzzle in itself), or a Minneapolis-based punk rock band.

The winner, selected at random among the correct responders, is (drum roll) ... Ian King of Riverside, Calif.

(And I promise this is a coincidence, but — speaking of Riverside AND Ray Davies — one of my favorite Kinks songs is "Sitting By the Riverside." Which you can hear here!)

Check this space in a couple of weeks when, hopefully, ScuttleButton will return.