Walter Cronkite Dies; CBS Anchor Was 92 : It's All Politics Walter Cronkite, famed CBS newsman and anchor, dead at 92.
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Walter Cronkite Dies; CBS Anchor Was 92

I was at my first national political convention, the Republican convention in Detroit in 1980. And the rumors were rampant: Ronald Reagan was about to offer the vice presidential nomination to former president Gerald Ford.

And my first thought, which I still remember nearly three decades later: I need to hear what Walter Cronkite has to say about it at 6:30 pm.

Cronkite, the legendary CBS News anchorman, who brought the Kennedy assassination, the moon landing, the Vietnam War, Watergate and the Nixon resignation, and so much more into our living rooms from 1962 to 1981, died this evening. He was 92.

When he retired in 1981, and passed the baton to Dan Rather, it wasn't long before I began looking elsewhere. That elsewhere was ABC News, which I joined in 1983.

But for so many years, whenever there was big news happening, I knew that everything would be clear by turning on CBS at 6:30. Walter Cronkite was our guiding light.

A giant has left us.