Former Carter Press Secretary Jody Powell Dies : It's All Politics Former White House press secretary Jody Powell has died. He was 65.
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Former Carter Press Secretary Jody Powell Dies

Jody Powell, the White House press secretary under President Jimmy Carter, has died of undisclosed causes. He was 65.

Powell was a familiar face during the four, stormy years of the Carter presidency - during the Israeli-Egyptian summit, the Iranian hostage crisis, and Carter's 1980 campaign, first against Edward Kennedy, and then Ronald Reagan.

Powell, along with the late Hamilton Jordan, joined up with Carter several years before he was elected governor of Georgia in 1970. Powell served as Governor Carter's press secretary, a job he stayed with as Carter ran for president in 1976 and afterwards, when Carter was elected. At one point, President Carter said that "Jody Powell knows me better than anyone else except my wife."

After Carter was defeated for re-election in 1980, Powell went on to work on several special projects and published his memoirs. At his death he was the CEO of the public relations firm Powell Tate.