Finance Cmte Votes 14-9 To Approve Health Care Bill : It's All Politics The Senate Finance Committee, with one Republican voting in the affirmative, votes 14-9 to pass its version of health-care overhaul.

Finance Cmte Votes 14-9 To Approve Health Care Bill

The Senate Finance Committee -- with its 13 Democrats and 10 Republicans -- voted 14-9 to approve its version of the health-care overhaul plan. All 13 Democrats voted yes, along with one Republican -- Maine's Olympia Snowe.

Before the full Senate can act, it will have to merge the Finance Committee bill with that of the Health Committee's version, which does not include the public option and which is more expensive.

Then, the Senate bill will have to merge with whatever the House votes out, and there are three competing committee bills there as well.

So, while all eyes have been on today's Finance Committee vote, this is not the end of the debate. Nor are we anywhere close to seeing the final product.