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They Love The Podcast

The success of our "It's All Politics" podcast has gotten to the point where the numbers of listeners are already in the high single digits. A nice note here from Steven Nelson, formerly of Denver, now residing in Budapest, Hungary:

Keep up the great work and please don't ever stop doing the podcast! You and Ron actually make it possible for someone to "enjoy" the political process, whereas it normally makes me want to tear my hair out.

By the way: as is well-known, listeners to Rush Limbaugh's radio show call themselves "dittoheads," but what should we call rabid fans of the Political Junkie podcast? Any ideas???

Thanks, Steven, for the kind words. That's a good question. "Junkies" may not be appropriate, for an assortment of reasons. I'm open to suggestions.

This note is from Jeff Kohlman of Austin, Texas:

I discovered the show a while back while searching for podcasts to help me while away the boring hours on mass transit, and I have to say that I've devoured them. I wish it ran more often, and I wish it were longer.

And here's one from Caleb Bates of Ann Arbor, Mich.:

Reading your blog and listening to you on Talk of the Nation and It's All Politics are the absolute highlight of my week! Please keep up the great (and hilarious) work, and if possible, make the podcasts longer!! Thanks so very much for the excellent political commentary.

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