Important Data About Our Podcast: The 'Listener' Has Increased : It's All Politics Our "It's All Politics" podcast has fans on Facebook.
NPR logo Important Data About Our Podcast: The 'Listener' Has Increased

Important Data About Our Podcast: The 'Listener' Has Increased

Every week since the summer of 2006, usually on Thursdays, NPR's Ron Elving and I sit down and record our podcast, "It's All Politics." We gab for more than an hour, touching on the top political news of the week, offering insight, analysis, sophisticated jokes, and updates about the Yankees. The only reason why Ron and I are still employed at NPR, and not languishing in, say, Guantanamo, is because we have a producer, Evie Stone, and editor, Cathy Shaw, who make sure what appears in the final product is appropriate.

In the course of our podcasts, we have always referred to the "Listener," assuming there is but one person who downloads it and listens each week. Often I get e-mails from someone who swears he/she is the "Listener." But now there is empirical evidence that there may be more than one listener. Thirty-seven more, in fact.

We just got word that there is an "It's All Politics" fan page on Facebook -- and it totals a whopping 38 members. And several of the fans have written on the Wall (Facebook lingo) about how they feel.

Jenny Ma effusively writes, "I love Ken Rudin and 'the other guy' too." If that doesn't frighten you, there was this from Thy Vo: "I get really excited watching the podcast download."

Seriously, we are very thankful that our followers have grown beyond the original "one." Hopefully, after people read this post, the number of podcast fans could eventually reach 40!

You can listen to past episodes of our podcast here.