What's Next For Lou Dobbs? : It's All Politics What will Lou Dobbs do next? You decide!
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What's Next For Lou Dobbs?

Americans — the real ones, that is — were stunned by Lou Dobbs' sudden resignation from CNN last night. A financial analyst-turned-illegal-immigrant-basher, Dobbs became a lightning rod for his outspoken views and sometimes over-the-top comments, especially from Latino groups, who protested his presence on a television network that prides itself for having neither a left-wing nor right-wing viewpoint.

CNN President Jon Klein, who had been under pressure for quite some time to tone down Dobbs' rhetoric, praised Dobbs for having "fearlessly and tirelessly pursued some of the most important and complex stories of our time, often well ahead of the pack." Klein added that Dobbs "has now decided to carry the banner of advocacy journalism elsewhere."

But where? Until he tells us what his plans are, I thought it might be helpful to have a quiz, asking readers what they expect him to wind up doing.