This Week's ScuttleButton Winner: Lisa Daly of Syracuse, N.Y. : It's All Politics Announcing this week's ScuttleButton puzzle winner.
NPR logo This Week's ScuttleButton Winner: Lisa Daly of Syracuse, N.Y.

This Week's ScuttleButton Winner: Lisa Daly of Syracuse, N.Y.

Five Republican senators broke ranks yesterday to vote with Democrats to kill a GOP filibuster on Harry Reid's "jobs" bill.

None of the five, however — and this includes Scott Brown of Massachusetts — sent in answers to last week's ScuttleButton puzzle.

Maybe they don't know how to play?

It's easy. Just check out my button puzzle found on this blog each Friday. It's a rebus: Simply take one word or one concept per button, add 'em up, and arrive at a familiar saying or a name. (Seriously: a saying that people from Earth might be remotely familiar with.) Submit your answer and hope you're the person chosen at random. That's it!

Oh wait. You MUST include your name and city/state to be eligible.

And also remember, the answer does not necessarily have to be political. For instance, the answer to a puzzle awhile back was "Minnesota Twins" — not political at all, unless you're thinking Mondale and Humphrey instead of Killebrew and Oliva.

Here are last week's buttons, in case you forgot:

Hoosier Family Values / Evan Bayh Senate — A nice picture button of Susan & Evan Bayh and their (then) two young children from Bayh's 1998 re-election campaign.

Ken Starr for President — A reaction to someone else's family values.

Wait Until You've Heard Frank Church — A button urging Democrats not to commit to a 1976 presidential candidate until Idaho Sen. Church gets in the race.

So, when you add Evan + Ken + Wait, you might end up with ...

Evan Can Wait. Or, more appropriately, Heaven Can Wait — The 1978 movie starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. Yes, yes, a remake of "Here Comes Mr. Jordan," but to me it's not even close; I love the '78 version. Charles Grodin and Dyan Cannon are delightfully evil in this one.

This week's winner, chosen completely at random, is (drum roll) ... Lisa Daly of Syracuse, N.Y.

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