Cheney Is Wrong: It Wasn't Bush Who Kept Us Safe; It Was Jack Bauer : It's All Politics Can America stay safe now that Jack Bauer is leaving us?
NPR logo Cheney Is Wrong: It Wasn't Bush Who Kept Us Safe; It Was Jack Bauer

Cheney Is Wrong: It Wasn't Bush Who Kept Us Safe; It Was Jack Bauer

One thing that conservatives feel very strongly about -- and one that liberals strongly disagree with -- is the oft-stated belief of former Vice President Dick Cheney that the Bush administration, and President Bush himself, "kept us safe."

The information gotten from tough interrogations of suspected al-Qaeda terrorists, insists Cheney, has saved "perhaps hundreds of thousands" of American lives.

I think it's time to give credit where credit is due.

It wasn't George W. Bush. It was Jack Bauer.

Since Bauer came to CTU -- the government's Counter Terrorist Unit -- in 2001, since he began stopping assassins, traitors and nuclear weapons, there has not been a catastrophic event in this country, other than the Red Sox beating the Yankees after being down three games to none in the 2004 ALCS.

Some of the plots have been ridiculously far-fetched; in the early seasons, for example, there was an African-American president. And it did seem like wherever Bauer was -- in Los Angeles, in Washington, in New York -- that's exactly where the terrorists would hit. Those are the kinds of coincidences that make one think whether the terrorists are really that smart. Whatever, it leads to the conclusion that, along with the terrorists, some of the writers at "24" should have been tortured.

But the point is, "24" is going away. It's been cancelled. This season, the eighth, will be the last. In May, Jack Bauer will either retire, be eliminated in some way or, hopefully, forced to attend acting classes.

The Fox Network, which along with Dick Cheney has done everything in its power to keep America safe, is pulling the plug on the show. They are taking a terribly risky step when it comes to U.S. security.

Copy that?