Name The Successor To Justice Stevens : It's All Politics Political Junkie contest: Guess who replaces Justice Stevens on the Supreme Court.
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Name The Successor To Justice Stevens

About a year ago, following the announcement by Supreme Court Justice David Souter he was retiring, I ran a contest to see who would be the first to correctly guess his replacement. The winner of that rare, 1968 "Nixon's the One" bumper sticker was Maura Spiegelman of Silver Spring, Md., who predicted Sonia Sotomayor faster than anyone else.

The problem we face now is that everyone seems to think the successor to John Paul Stevens will be Elena Kagan, the solicitor general, or one of two federal judges, Merrick Garland or Diane Wood.

And so here's the deal with this contest. If President Obama selects anyone of the above three, the winner will be chosen at random. If he picks someone else, and you correctly name that person, the first to do so wins.

This time, the winner gets a Nixon campaign button.

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Good luck!